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We have developed a 5-step process called ADRIM to engage with our clients, serve their needs and ensure delivery of continuous, long-term exceptional services. ADRIM stands for Analyse, Digest, Report, Implement and Monitor. Each step of ADRIM is specifically tailored to our clients' needs following the generic processes we have designed. The first three steps A-D-R are essential for us to analyse our clients' current processes, estimate the cost and report back on the appropriate solution.

Upon completion of ADRIM processes our clients will be in a position to make the most appropriate decision for their business after being analysed for best outcomes. Once the best solution has been confirmed from our report, a project proposal will be developed that details costing, timeline and deliverables. Continuous implementation and monitoring requirements are then measured against the A-D-R process to ensure the best outcome.

1. Analyse

  • Our team of engineers work side-by-side with our clients' team to collect information about current processes in their organisation.
  • We assess the information that has been gathered from identified sources to determine its accuracy, relevance and reliability.

2. Digest

  • Our team of architects and engineers review and analyse the information gathered about our clients' processes to understand them.
  • At this stage, we identify issues or gaps in the current processes as we review the information collected.
  • Appropriate solutions are investigated and identified.

3. Report

  • We document our findings from the first two steps and report on the requirements for the final two steps.
  • The first stage of reporting includes an evaluation of the results of our findings. We also provide an estimation of costs and a timeline for recommended solutions and deliverables based on the first two steps.
  • Upon agreement, the second stage of reporting will start and we will provide a full analysis that might contain all or some of the following components:

    User requirements | Functional requirements | Process diagrams | Data sources | Data structures | External systems | Any other relevant information specific to the project

  • Once a solution and a proposal is accepted, we proceed to the implementation stage.

4. Implement

  • All the necessary requirements specific to the solution have been identified from our report.
  • The implementation may involve one or more components to provide a complete solution as detailed in our report.
  • This stage might include all or some of the following components:

    Project Management | Design | Develop | Configure | Integrate | Training

5. Monitor

  • This step is ongoing and we provide continuous and consistent monitoring and maintenance of the solution.
  • Maintenance includes:

    System Audits | Upgrades | Variations and extensions to ensure integrity | Stability

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