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Our Services

At GraspIT, we strive to add value to our clients by contributing to responsible and sustainable practices. All services provided by us have a basic service level guarantee that provides a line of customer service. The built-in documentation, feedback and bug fixing systems in the MobyLink Foundation enable us to provide customer service solutions with 24/7 support.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, we offer great flexibility and adaptability to our clients by providing real time prototyping iteration and making ourselves available to work with them at their convenience. The MobyLink foundation provides numerous benefits to support the following categories of services: Infrastructure as a Service — IaaS, Platform as a Service — PaaS, and Training as a Service — TaaS.

Agile Delivery Management

Our development process is focused on iterative design which facilitates rapid discovery, with a focus on producing a detailed prototype as proof of concept, and the foundation software we use and provide, further facilitates this.

  • Real time prototyping
  • Immediate design iteration based on feedback
  • Automatic data testing
  • Inbuilt feedback and iteration tool
  • Automated code generation
  • Template design

Secured Hosting Solution

Webhosting is core to our business model and as a service we supply this either as a value added independent service or combined with the MobyLink platform technology.

  • Virtualised websites in client’s own operating environment per site
  • Essential software and services only
  • Automated management and backup
  • Server and IaaS FireWalled

Agile Architecture Services

We operate development, staging and production systems to separate development from release and quality assurance, and develop with a focus on feedback and continual testing to ensure that solutions meet quality and client expectation thresholds as soon as possible.

  • Separation of design from development to allow rapid design iteration
  • Automated versioning, patch and release management
  • Facilitate collaborative development
  • Automatic data testing
  • Built-in quality processes

Agile Business and Process Analysis

To be agile, you need to be fast and lean and be able to take in feedback and analyse your processes faster than ever before.

What does it take to be agile? Agile is not software, it is processes and training. What training would you need in agile processes across every industry?

  • Built-in feedback and iteration tool, which facilitates immediate feedback
  • Built-in Task Manager
  • Scale the solution quickly and reliably without disrupting the business
  • Reduction in operating and maintenance costs
  • Knowledge retention

Agile Coaching and Agile Training

With the combined team knowledge of what agile is, we can provide agile uplift training services to consolidate our clients' current environment and teach them the foundation skills of agile ability. This covers the basic skills that the foundation requires in order to work efficiently within the operating environment, along with the iterative and collaborative processes that enforce our agile mentality. In addition, this information will be defined as tutorials and tests for induction and training purposes.

  • Simplifies and automates most of the coding experience – low code or no code
  • Built-in software revision repository, version control, history, and notes
  • Internal documentation service
  • Internal presentation capabilities that can be populated by documentation
  • Internal testing and level progression based on test results

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