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Our Technology

We started as a small group of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts dedicated to solving security and delivery issues in the rapidly changing technology environment. As part of our research & development, we have engineered MobyLink — an agile foundation with an integrated development environment that has standardised security, development, deployment and scalability.


Agility and Innovation

Agile processes are vital for rapid delivery, but they can fall down if not supported by agile technologies.

Without agile technology, agile design can paint you into a corner where you need features or security that were not anticipated, and suddenly everything must be redesigned and the exploding scope can shatter your timeline and budget. However when using agile foundation, your agile processes can be built directly into the tools that you use.

MobyLink is designed to be everything that you need to design, build and deploy your Apps for your users from your own data, in a continuous improvement, continuous development cycle process. The final result is delivered without any software installation.

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Security and DataBoxing

MobyLink provides security as a process around data and it does it through built-in DataBoxing and Data Milling. In other words, it is essentially a guarantee that you receive and send no more than the data expected by the platform, which provides quality assurance around data BEFORE the developer can work with it, and ultimately providing a clean rinse and repeat process for any APIs.

Our security framework and approach recognises the need for a set of standards to protect the most critical asset - which is 'data'. MobyLink is flexible to respond to diverse and complex security requirements, and our broad approach has led us to combine the areas into a single platform.

  • Secure DevOps
  • Standardise DevOps
  • Minimal third party Reliance
  • Identity and User Access
  • Data Security Protection
  • Application Security Protection
  • Cloud Network Security
  • Security and Threat Monitoring

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