A Different way of looking at the World

At GraspIT, we strive to add value to our clients by contributing to responsible and sustainable practices. We approach every project like it’s the first of many collaborations where long-term client satisfaction and partnership is at the core of every decision we make.

With organisational speed and agility as a requirement to optimal and efficient decision making across organisations, our technology — MobyLink — offers great flexibility and adaptability in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

MobyLink is an agile foundation with an Integrated Development Environment that has standardised security, development, deployment and scalability.

Why Choose MobyLink?

Efficiency and Sustainability

  • Fewer resources in a number of servers and communication packets
  • Cost effective, secure and agile software development
  • Standardised delivery model
  • Lower energy consumption, hardware and other overheads
  • Reduced licensing costs and future proofing
  • Knowledge retention

Built-in Design Tools

  • Turns Progressive Web App technology into Progressive Web Platform using the current available technology
  • Multi-threaded, self-contained and multi-app environment for building Apps
  • Low Code/No Code, Process Automation and Version Control
  • Creates MICRO Server-less Web Apps within the CloudOS layer that communicate information amongst the processes, using less data
  • Requires no publishing of Apps to Web Store, App Store or Play Store
  • Builds internal APIs and extends external APIs

Built-in Security

  • Built-in DataBoxing and Data Milling which guarantee that you receive and send no more than the data expected
  • Automated Secure Logging with an optional backup audit service
  • Built-in auditing, utilisation, App, and data integrity
  • Provides quality assurance around data BEFORE the developer can work with it
  • Provides security as a process around data with Private App Store
  • Provides a clean rinse and repeat process for any APIs


  • Accessible on almost all web-facing devices regardless of their operating system
  • Very light client code and extremely flexible in its visual design
  • Near infinite extensibility and scalability, limited only by the browser
  • Runs off Linux, Apache, PHP and database LAMP Stack in a pure managed form
  • Partially built-in accessibility currently under active development
  • Ability for multi-language support

Agility and Innovation

  • Immediate design iteration based on feedback
  • Built-in quality processes
  • Real time prototyping
  • Built-in feedback and iteration tool
  • Automated code generation
  • Automatic data testing